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Our lab is well-equipped. The following equipments have been purchased by our team:

1. High performance liquid chromatography: Shimadzu LC-20

2. NMR spectrometer: Bruker 500 MHz

3. GC-MS: Shimadzu

4. Gas chromatography: 1) Techcomp 7890T equipped with 2 TCD and 1 FID detectors; 2) GC7900 with one single TCD detector

5. Potentiostat / galvanostat: CHI 660D equipped with a rotating disk electrode;

6. Surface plasmon cleaner

7. ATR-FTIR: Thermofisher

8. Semi preparation liquid chromatography: Beijing Chuangxintongheng Science & Technology Co.,Ltd, equipped with C-18 and silica columns

9. Photocatalytic water splitting system (picture)

10. UV-vis spectrometer: Agilient Cary-60 euqipped with fiber optics

11. DSC-TGA (coming soon):

12. Single crystal X-ray diffactometer: (coming soon)

13. Hoods, ovens, furnaces, pumps

14. LC-MS: (coming soon)

15. Glovebox: MIKROUNA

16. Stopped flow reactor: Applied Photophysics RX2000

Meanwhile, the department owns many advanced equipments which are open to us.


Post-Doctoral Associates, open positions are available:


People with diverese backgrounds like inorganic synthesis, physical organic chemistry, nanomaterial synthesis and photocatalysis are all encouraged to join our team. Scholarship can be obtained depending on the qualification:

Class I: ~50,000USD per year

Class II: ~30,000USD per year

Class III: ~12,000USD per year


For information and application, please contact Prof. Yifeng Wang (yifeng@sdu.edu.cn).

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